NVIDIA Display Driver Feedback

If your PC is experiencing an issue following the installation of an NVIDIA display driver and you are able to reliably reproduce the issue, we welcome your feedback by completing the form below. While we do not require you to fill out all of the fields, we do encourage you to provide as much information as possible to assist us in replicating the problem(s) you are reporting. If our quality assurance team is unable to reproduce your issue, it is unlikely that we would be able to provide a software fix through a future driver update.

Please note, this form is for providing driver feedback only and you will not receive a response unless we require further information. If you require technical support, please visit our NVIDIA Support site where you may contact our NVIDIA Customer Care team.



Graphics card/GPU make and model. If you are unsure, please view our knowledge base article for assistance.



Display driver version. Please note if you are providing feedback for an older driver, please verify your issue still exists with the latest NVIDIA 347.09 Geforce display driver available below:




Is this a driver regression? If yes, what was the last driver version which did not have this driver bug?



Operating System:

Windows 7 32-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8 32-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows XP 32-bit
Windows XP 64-bit


Is your graphics card manually overclocked/factory overclocked?

My graphics card is factory overclocked
I manually overclocked my graphics card
My graphics card is running at NVIDIA reference clock speeds
I am unsure


If your graphics card is factory overclocked or manually overclocked, we recommend that you lower the clock speeds of your graphics card to NVIDIA reference clock speeds and then make another attempt to reproduce the issue you are encountering. For graphics cards which are factory overclocked, you may use a 3rd party utility such as eVGA Precision or MSI Afterburner to adjust the clock speeds of your graphics card. Our NVIDIA Products page lists the NVIDIA reference clock speeds for each of our GPUs.

Yes, my graphics card is still showing the issue after I lower my GPU clock speeds to NVIDIA reference values.
No, the issue went away after I reduced the GPU clock speeds to NVIDIA reference values.
My graphics card is manually overclocked/factory overclocked however I am not able to test the driver at the graphics card reference clock speed at this time


If your issue is specific to a game or application, please provide the title and if possible version of the software



Describe the display driver issue you are encountering and if possible include step by step instructions on how to reproduce this bug. Please use the knowledge base article "How to provide valuable feedback to NVIDIA" as a guide to help you include information that will help us root cause the problem.



Software/driver issues can sometimes be specific to a users system configuration. Please provide your system information so that we may attempt to match it as closely as possible.

CPU make and model:
Amount of system memory:
Motherboard make and model (if OEM system, please provide your PC make and model instead):
Motherboard BIOS version:
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At times we may have further questions about an issue. If you are willing to be contacted should we require further information, please provide your full name and either your email address or phone number where you may be reached below. Your contact information will not be used for any other purpose.

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