NVIDIA Display Driver Feedback

If your PC is experiencing an issue following the installation of an NVIDIA display driver and you are able to reliably reproduce the issue, we welcome your feedback by completing the form below. While we do not require you to fill out all of the fields, we do encourage you to provide as much information as possible to assist us in replicating the problem(s) you are reporting. Even if you are not able to fill most of the fields below, we still encourage you to submit a feedback since it may help us raise priority of certain bugs or help us identify any commonality users share for an issue we may have difficulty reproducing.

Please note, this form is for providing driver feedback only and you will not receive a response unless we require further information. If you require technical support, please visit our NVIDIA Support site where you may contact our NVIDIA Customer Care team.



Graphics card/GPU make and model. If you are unsure, please view our knowledge base article for assistance.



Display driver version. Please note if you are providing feedback for an older driver, please verify your issue still exists with the latest NVIDIA Geforce display driver available below:




Software/driver issues can sometimes be specific to a users system configuration. Please provide your system information as best as possible so that we may attempt to match your configuration. For advanced users, open your Microsoft System Information Utility and check the status of BIOS Mode and Secure Boot State as shown in URL below and include in.the fields below:

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Please provide the Windows OS, version and build number. For more information on how to fill in this section, please click here.



Is the issue you are encountering only occur after updating to the most recent GeForce display driver?

Did not occur with previous driver. Last known good driver version: 
Issue existed in previous driver also.


Is your graphics card manually overclocked/factory overclocked?



If your graphics card is factory overclocked or manually overclocked, we recommend that you lower the clock speeds to NVIDIA reference clock speeds and then make another attempt to reproduce the issue you are encountering. For graphics cards which are factory overclocked, you may use the "Debug Mode" which is part of the NVIDIA Control Panel to set your clock speeds to reference clock speeds.

Yes, my graphics card is still showing the issue after I lower my GPU clock speeds to NVIDIA reference values.
No, the issue went away after I reduced the GPU clock speeds to NVIDIA reference values.
My graphics card is manually overclocked/factory overclocked however I am not able to test the driver at the graphics card reference clock speed at this time


If your issue is specific to a game or application, please provide the title and if possible version of the software



If you are reporting an issue with a video game and the game has advanced settings to choose the screen mode, please select which mode your game is running at:


Please answer the next two questions as clearly and accurately as possible. You may use the knowledge base article "How to provide valuable feedback to NVIDIA" as a guide to help you include information that will help us root cause the problem. If you wish to share screenshots, crash dumps, config or game save files that you believe will be useful in reproducing or diagnosing the issue, please share your email address in the email section below and after you completed filling out this form, send a seperate email to driverfeedback@nvidia.com with the files attached.


Describe the display driver issue you are encountering. Please verify your issue can be reproduced more than once.



List step by step instructions for reproducing your issue below. A couple of examples are provided below as guides but we only ask that you share step by step instructions as best you can. Providing accurate instructions can save our software QA team several hours trying to reproduce a bug.

Example 1:

1) Launch Battlefield 4
2) Change in game graphics preset to Ultra, 1020x1080 resolution, 144hz refresh rate
3) Play 64 player multiplayer map Operation Metro for 30 minutes
4) Game will crash to desktop with DirectX error message

Example 2:

1) Connect monitor A to GeForce GTX 980 via DisplayPort
2) Connect monitor b to GeForce GTX 980 via HDMI
3) Install driver 347.88
4) Once driver is installed, you will lose signal to monitor B



At times we may have further questions about an issue. If you are willing to be contacted should we require further information, please provide your full name and either your email address or phone number where you may be reached below. Your contact information will not be used for any other purpose.

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NVIDIA's corporate headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California, USA. Please choose from one of the options below if you would be willing to work our NVIDIA Customer Care team or software engineer in person or over the phone? This may include but not limited to bringing in your system to allow an engineer to debug the issue, loaning us your NVIDIA hardware or test a possible unreleased driver fix?



Please select the country which you reside in. Certain bugs are regional and may require using the same operating system region as the customer reporting the problem.